Review: Saga

2260155-saga__1__2012_Title: Saga

Author: Brian K. Vaughan

Artist: Fiona Staples

Type: Graphic Novels  #1-4

Publisher: Image Comics


Saga is an epic space opera/fantasy comic book series created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples, published monthly by Image Comics. The series is heavily influenced by Star Wars, and based on ideas Vaughan conceived both as a child and as a parent. It depicts two lovers from long-warring extraterrestrial races, Alana and Marko, fleeing authorities from both sides of a galactic war as they struggle to care for their newborn daughter, Hazel, who occasionally narrates the series. (Source)

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Review: Blood of the Lamb

71CJEN+GK9L._SL1500_Title: Blood of the Lamb

Author: Sam Cabot (pseudonym for S.J. Rozan & Carlos Dews)

Genre: Science Fiction, Mystery

Type: Book 1

Pages: 410

Publisher: Blue Rider Press (Penguin)

Publishing Date: August 6, 2013


Father Thomas Kelly has been called to the Vatican. A Cardinal’s desperate plea: find a missing document that contains a secret so shocking it could shatter the Church. Livia Pietro, in Rome, has been called before the Noantri Conclave. Her mission: join the Jesuit priest on his search—because one misstep could destroy her people as well.

As Thomas and Livia are thrown into a treacherous whirlwind of art, religion, and age-old secrets, they find themselves pursued by enemies who will do anything to stop them. Only the Conclave knows the true gravity of the document’s revelations. The Noantri—Livia and her people—are vampires. And the unimaginable secrets of their past are far too dangerous for man to ever know. (Source)

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Bookshelf Update

2015/01/img_7360.jpg Hey everyone! Happy New Year and I sincerely apologize for the inactivity on the site. I’ve been a bit busy with my main blog, the launch of my e-magazine, love life, freelance work, web comic, and promotion at my day job. It’s been a crazy last few months but things are finally starting to settle themselves and I finally got a day planner!

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