Short Story: Through Feline Eyes

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetPrompt: There are days when I wonder what my cat, Raizo, thinks about me. She knows me better than most and I wonder how she processes it. This very short story came from that wondering.

My human. I worry about her. Every day she awakes from a long slumber with a solemn look. Her eyes dark, movements stiff as she shuffles to the bathroom. I look on quietly as the water rains down on her. Some days she tries to hide her tears in the spray, but I smell them.

Each morning before leaving, she dresses quickly and feeds me. Her smile forced as I rub against her legs. She thanks me softly and I feel that I have helped in some way. Silently, I watch as she takes a deep breath before facing the outside. Whatever is out there is hard on her and I worry.

Time passes and the door opens again. I rush out to greet her. My human.

She collapses and I try my best to ease her worried heart. We’ll play fetch because I know it amuses her or I’ll lay by her side as she rubs my fur. It doesn’t last long because her interest is flighty.

Day in and day out, melancholy surrounds her. She never say much. Most days music will reverberate through the house and she’ll sit in front of her computer for a long time. Some days she stares at those things I like to lay on. I heard her call them books once. They’re comfy.

Some nights she leaves and comes back more exhausted and empty than before she left. The darkness hangs on her shoulders like my fur; thick and heavy. Whatever is out there I want no part in it.

But some days she just sleeps. Those are the days I worry about the most. I watch over her, laying above her head like a guardian. I lick her cheek just to remind her that I’m still there.

When other humans come over, it’s different. Although, it is few and far in between; she changes.  Her face is closed, but bright. She talks more and laughs. She’s more animated and lively like the humans I see on the TV box. The sadness is almost unnoticeable. But it’s still there. Just below the surface. Yet, I like this side of her because she plays more. She seems better. The darkness is gone for a moment. Hidden.

Then when they leave the smile fades and the shadows creep in. It’s a slow process like a leaf floating down from the trees outside. I try to keep the mood up by dashing around her. Try to brighten her spirits, but in the end it never works. The darkness settles in around her and she is lost to me again.

It wasn’t always like this. Or maybe it was and I was too preoccupied with the other of my kind. I just hope it ends soon because this is no way to live.

Thanks everyone for reading. Let me know what you think.



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